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The Alle Shea Project
 Call us at: 585-298-1973

The OI Care for You program we send stuffed animals like Beanie Babies, Webkinz or any type of small sized stuffed doll to children with OI in the hospital for treatment, surgery or home recovering from a break.  We think every child should have a Snuggle Buddy.

If you know of an OI child that can use a Snuggle Buddy please click on the "Contact Us" button
& give us your address.  If you are in the US it will take about 3 days, outside of the US it may take 6 to 10 days or longer depending on your country's mail system.

 Due to the overwhelming generosity of UMB Bank in Kansas and others, we have reached our storage capacity. If you want to help with postage you can send a donation to our PayPal account at allesheaproject@gmail.com or you mail a check made out to Alle Shea Project to 165 Vinedale Ave Rochester, NY 14622 

Wherever you are whatever you do
You know I will always
Be there for you
So if you’re alone there’s not need to fear
Just give me a call
And you know I will be here

OI Care for you Snuggle Buddy Locations
As of 3-19-23
199 Snuggle Buddies sent to 41 States & 10 Countries
AK-2, AL-3, AR-1, AZ-2, CA-14, CO-3,
CT-2, DE-5, FL-8, GA-4, IL-4, IN-1, IA-2, KS-6,
KY-3, LA-3, MA-3, MD-2, MI-8, MN-3, MS-1, MO-2,
NE-1, NV-2, NH-1, NJ-3, NY-13, NC-2, OH-7, OK-1,
OR-2, PA-5, RI-1, SC-3, TN-5, TX-12, UT-3, 
VA-6, WA-4, WV-2, WI-3
United Kingdom 17, Scotland-1, Canada-7, Mexico-2,
Philippians-3, Australia-5, New Zealand-1, 
 Germany-1, Latvia-1, Ireland-1, Brazil-2

Contact Us